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JibOholic: REAL STREET SHIT edit trailer

This is the trailer for our light work edit titled “real street shit”. Filmed entirely with a GO PRO. Full edit dropping new years day, 1-1-17. New year, new us 😂😉 featuring: Daniel Martinez, Chrisian Martinez, Anthony BOY Flores , Daniel Yanez, Alberto ALBART solano, jorge viramontes, Freddy, and intraducing Victor Zapien, plus more.

Search: #jiboholic

instagram : @jibOholic

Google us at: JIBOHOLIC

Get familiar.

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Throwback: Primo ScrapOlicious dos

Released back in 2010 by PRIMO BMX. Featuring Anthony “Boy”Flores, Manuel “eman” cantero, tony Neyer, Lee Denis, josh Stricker, Kurtis elwel, Sam Lowe, Nate moroshan, john Heaton plus more. This was a fun one to work on. Filmed and edited by the 👑 Glenn PP Miligan The “O” in jib “O” holic come the the word scrap “O” licious and alc “O” holism. History for you’ll. Enjoy