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JIBOHOLIC: Redemption episode 1

Featuring: Christian Martinez, Ty Morrow, Andrew Lazaruk, Daniel Martinez, Anthony boy Flores and Victor Zapien. Other’s = penny Lugo, Desiree dirazo and Cristina durazo at opening shot + Fernando Gomarin with the “sup bitches” caption. This is not featuring the whole squad. Its just a small compilation I put together from some random go pro clips we had in our hard drive. Slight work. Fuck with us.
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throwback: Daniel “D” Martinez the come up bmx exclusive

Daniel Martinez hitting you’ll with that usual smoothness. This Los Angeles homegrown hits up a lot of familiar spots. Clipping up at his old hight school and Cruise’s local neighborhood grounds. Filmed and edited by john hicks. Subscribe to TCU and like this video on YouTube. Also subscribe to the talented john hicks youtube page.